Introduction to Chachati Health

Hello everyone! Thank-you for stopping by to read my introduction I truly appreciate your interest. The photo is of myself, Virginia Chachati, at work in a pharmacy in London and my dad who used to be a Pharmacist in Sudan.

My name is Virginia Chachati and I am a Pharmacist. I have always been interested in Health and Wellbeing. I feel that from my work experience I have a lot to share!

Health is the number one most important aspect of life you need to be happy. It’s so important to keep well and encourage others to be healthy too.

I want to blog publicly because I have so many interesting conversations at work and also personal thoughts about how people look after themselves. Where else is it better to share this information than on the internet for free?

I will be writing about my personal experiences which you might be able to relate to. This includes healthy habits, healthy snacks, healthy exercise regimes and general healthy living. I am so passionate about all of these topics and I am so excited to grow a collection and share it with everyone.

I would love to connect with other healthcare enthusiasts and professionals so please reach out to me for some interesting banter. It would be beautiful to build a community where we can all encourage each other to be healthy together.

Through blogging this year I really want to understand how people approach their daily habits for keeping well and being healthy. It would be a fantastic accomplishment to help even one person who drops by to read a post of mine and goes away feeling that bit more confident to successfully resolve their health problem. I want to reach out to the whole world and give a big healthy helping hug and start those important possibly life-changing discussions. Everyone deserves their best life and health is such an important aspect. Especially at the time of writing this blog during a pandemic we can really appreciate why there has been such a strong worldwide response to keep residents of Earth healthy!

Live healthy and sustainably – we need a healthy planet too 🙂

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I am a UK GPhC registered Pharmacist in London