virginia chachati
Virginia Chachati

Hello! I am passionate about travel health!

My name is Virginia Chachati, and I am a Pharmacist in London! I love to travel and I want to travel as much as I can for as long as I can!

I ran a Travel Clinic in London for over five years. It really got me questioning how accessible travel health advice is for everyone. So I started this blog to share valuable information and resources for people who love to travel too!

Travel health is so important because I think people really underestimate their risk when they are in another country – I’ll admit I have done it too! Now I’m older and wiser, embracing life and taking all measures to keep healthy along the way.

I hope you enjoy all the travel health articles I post about on my blog and find the information useful!

I am always open to suggestions so please follow, leave a comment or message me on any of my social media links 🙂

Have an awesome healthy day!

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only. It is written to the best of my knowledge and research at the time of writing. None of the links on this website are sponsored nor do I gain any financial benefit from them.

Also please excuse the dry humour. I want the articles to be enjoyable to read. Hopefully the humour lightens up the seriousness of some of the topics. It’s not all doom and gloom you see 🙂

Ah, what a way to pass the time, indulging in writing about what I love (apart from my Husband – I love you more, obviously, if you’re reading this!)